Swift-Project QSS Generator
            by fsenthusiast#5541
  • February 10th, 2022
    • New Features:
      • Added ability to copy a theme to use as a base for a new theme.
      • Site theme will show random themes to spice it up.
      • Preview will now open in a dialog box instead of a new browser tab/window.
      • Removed theme display. All themes support the latest 0.12.2 beta of Swift.
      • Added instructional text to site
      • Added download count to themes.
      • Other minor UI tweaks.
    • Bug Fixes:
      • Theme preview will automatically update once you select colors
      • Issue where themes didn't make it into the database, therefore becoming lost. Previous lost themes have been restored.
      • Fixed issue where some browsers flagged download as unsafe. (Pointed to HTTP instead of HTTPS.)